Kerryn Ramsey is a Sydney journalist, working across a variety of consumer and custom magazines, websites and apps. She has been in the industry for more than 25 years and her articles appear in national publications, covering architecture and design, food, business and technology, as well as features in the dentistry and veterinary fields. To see examples, please click on the links above.


Clients I’m privileged to work with…

• Lifestyle publications  Mindfood, Inside Out, Home Beautiful, Vogue Living, Vogue, Vacations & Travel, Houzz, Forbes  

• Custom publications & websites  Restaurant & Catering Association, Bite, Vet Practice, Best Practice, Lendlease, BUPA, Westpac, Baranagaroo, Mercedes-Benz, Greencross, Food Australia, Sydney Living Museums

• Newspapers  The Sydney Morning Herald, Sunday Telegraph, News Corp

To contact Kerryn, please call 0432 607 980 or email

WRITING  |  EDITING  |  RSkip navigation oxford journals contact us my basket my account annals of oncology about this journal contact this journal subscriptions view current issue (volume 23 issue 10 october 2012) archive search oxford journals medicine annals of oncology volume 12 issue 10 pp. 1485-1488. viagra viagra trial pack Pet and plap in suspected testicular cancer relapse: beware sarcoidosis c. S. many mg viagra Karapetis 1 , a. get prescription doctor online viagra H. sale viagra online canada Strickland 1 , d. Yip 1 , j. D. online pharmacy buy viagra from india Van der walt 2 and p. many mg viagra G. viagra for sale online cheap Harper 1 1 departments of medical oncology, guy's hospital london 2 departments of histopathology, st thomas' hospital london, uk dr p. Harper, department of medical oncology, guy's hospital, st thomas street, london se1 9rt, england e-mail: peter. Buy generic viagra toronto Harper{at}kcl. cheap viagra online Ac. most effective viagra viagra viagra Uk received december 14, 2000. Free viagra and viagra Accepted april 10, 2001. Abstract summary a 31-year-old man previously treated with chemotherapy for metastatic testicular cancer presented with new mediastinal lymphadenopathy and peripheral lung opacities. Serum tumour markers were not elevated and a pet (positron emission tomography) scan revealed increased fdg (fluoro-deoxyglu-cose) uptake in the lungs and mediastinum consistent with testis cancer relapse. can i use viagra after the expiration date A biopsy of a mediastinal lymph node was performed and the pathology was that of sarcoidosis. viagra vs viagra vs viagra chart Immunohistochemistry however was positive for plap (placental alkaline phosphatase) and negative for ema (epithelial membrane antigen). cheap viagra generic best price This immunohistochemical profile raised concerns that the observed pathology represented a sarcoid reaction to micro-metastatic testicular cancer relapse. viagra viagra and staxyn We performed immunohistochemical pathology analysis on four known cases of sarcoidosis and found the same immunohisto-chemical-staining pattern. This case highlights the problem of specificity when interpreting the significance of pet scans and immunohistochemical analysis in this situation. buy generic viagra Sarcoidosis, a condition that has been associated with testicular cancer, should always be considered in the differential diagnosis. Key words alkaline phosphatase immunohistochemistry sarcoidosis testicular neoplasm tomography â© 2001 kluwer academic publishers â« previous | next article â» table of contents this article ann oncol (2001) 12 (10): 1485-1488. â» abstract free full text (pdf) free classifications clinical cases services alert me when cited alert me if corrected alert me if commented find similar articles similar articles in web of science similar articles in pubmed add to my archive download citation request permissions disclaimer responses submi. Viagra 20mg oral tab ESEARCHING  |  PROOFREADING                                                                                                            © KERRYN RAMSEY 2012